Here are few tips on how to treat your backdrop 






It's a good idea to store our surfaces in a dry place and away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and/or disintegration. 

Avoid bumping or rubbing them against each other or home objects to prevent chipping or damage. If you storing multiple surfaces in a stack, please make sure to line them with a soft cloth or a piece of cardboard. Scratches assist surface’s disintegration and shorten it’s longevity. 




Our surfaces are easy to care for. We finish them with a thin layer of matte polyurethane to guard from stains and to avoid glare during photography, this also provides for an easy clean up, just wipe the surface with warm dump cloth, but avoid rubbing too hard. You may use a little soap (better dissolved in water and sprayed on) if necessary. Same applies for reclaimed wood, just don't let it soak in the liquids, wipe right away. 

NOTE: Although matte polyurethane provides protection from staining if minor spills occur, we cannot guarantee that surfaces can take a prolonged exposure to liquids and colored food without being stained or damaged. Please make sure not to expose it to liquids for too long. Colored foods and liquids, foods like beets or blueberries if placed directly on the surface are better cleaned up as soon as you’re done photographing them. Lighter surfaces might stain a bit, and if this happened try to use little lemon juice or white vinegar dissolved in water on stains, or clean with soap as described above. You may use an old soft toothbrush on textured surfaces to get into all the nooks and wipe with dump soft cloth. 




Matte poly is considered to be food safe, but we do not recommend using your board as an eating surface. We do not hold ourselves responsible for customers using our surfaces for this purpose.  

NOTE: To prolong the life of the surface do not use it as a cutting board and avoid putting hot objects on it, because if you do, the coating will loose it’s integrity.