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I am absolutely in love with their surfaces . They are food photography game changers, really easy to use and super well maintained and made! I love them for many reasons but especially because they allow me to differentiate myself on the foodie platform! --- @foodbymaria
Absolutely in love with my surfaces! They really make my food pop. The board is also the perfect size. Big enough for a nice top down scene, but small&light enough that it's easy to take out and put away. Love that one board has 2 backgrounds on it too! --- @choosingchia
You guys make the best surfaces for food photographers and stylists, the delivery is pretty fast (I should say unexpectedly ) and the quality is amazing! Will be ordering more soon for sure! --- @alenfoodphoto

I am absolutely loving the board from Eclectic Lab Designs! I've just begun working with it and have already used it for so many photos. The Rusty Wall is the perfect neutral backdrop...really liking the warm tones for fall. And the Porcupine wooden board is exactly what I've been looking for to create moodier scenes for my food! Both sides are super easy to clean! --- @theoriginaldish
I absolutely love my Eclectic Lab Designs backdrop! Its lightweight, double sided, easy to clean and photographs so well. The eLab team were also so friendly and super helpful, which was great considering I'm so indecisive. Would highly recommend! :) --- @healthandfitnessbyemma
I love my surface! Partly because Lab team are my friends, but no bias here. I haven't seen surfaces like theirs. They don't just do boards, they do art and are very responsive to new ideas. --- @liliya_davidenko
I love my surface. It's very high-quality and makes my photos look so much more professional.
--- @rainbowplantlife
The surface is perfect for my photography needs! The quality and texture really add a whole new level to my images and Eclectic Lab really helped with all my questions and needs! I want more! --- @jennbakosphoto
I TOTALLY love my new board! I have been wanting a board for a long time (I've been using vinyl backdrops) but was so worried about the price. Your boards are an amazing buy - totally affordable, awesome quality, and they just look so fantastic! Now I want 100 of them! --- @gingeredwhisk
Amazing board. So versatile. I use it for both flatlay and backdrops. And the texture is gorgeous. --- @stemsandforks
I absolutely love my Eclectic Lab Designs boards and I can't wait to add more to my collection. They're lightweight, easy to store, and have beautiful, one of a kind texture. Best of all, I can drip and spill as much as I like and they clean easily, no stains. The whole ordering and customizing process was a total delight. Highly recommended! --- @the_bojon_gourmet
I have quite a few surfaces that I use for my food Photography, but Eclectic Lab ones are the best out of them! Their quality is superb and the designs are like nothing else out there. And I really appreciate the fact that they are super easy to clean.
--- @alenka007
I absolutely love these boards! These are more than just surfaces because they actually inspire you more! ---
I am head over heels in love with my surfaces. They shoot beautifully and I so appreciate both the quality of their construction and ease of cleaning. After having shot on a number of boards, yours are, hands down, my favorite. I can't wait to expand my collection further! ---
Eclectic Lab Designs had exactly what I was looking for. The backgrounds are stunning and high quality. I would not hesitate to buy some more. They were quick to answer any questions I had as well. Keep up the great work! --- @grillmomma