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Hi! We're Alex and Svitlana, husband and wife team located in Greater Boston area.

We believe in thinking out of the box, creating things by hand, cooking at home, and capturing life in photos. 

We started making food photography background surfaces to share that hard to contain insane inspiration for handmade things and home cooking that we have!

Welcome to our little, yet purposeful online shop!




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make a statement




- Being a photographer and food stylist for over 3 years I learned a thing or two about nailing it. I learned that technical knowledge and good equipment IS NOT enough. Perfect recipe is not enough. In order to get to your viewer you need to bring YOU in your photography.

We dedicated ourselves to creating the product, that helps to make a statement. And we customize it  for you the way YOU want it, to help you to be better at what you do. 



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Every surface in our shop is made by hand, hence there're no two identical boards. You get 100% yours!

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We're constantly growing and developing new finishes!


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— custom made


Haven't found what you were looking for? Drop us a line or fill out Custom Surface Request form and we'll be in touch!


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